Smoke Tip Review: $10 Discount, Free Battery per 3 Cartridges, Smoke Tip refill, and more! Discover with this review the quality brand - Smoke Tip - the Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette.

Smoke Tip
So Much Like The Real Thing

There are a lot of electronic cigarettes that look superb but to many smokers, it defeats the purpose of using an alternative cigarette. Bad habits are hard to break BUT if it looks like, feels like, and performs like a tobacco cigarette, using it won't make one miss a thing!

Switching to Smoke Tip surely will stop the nagging from family and friends who keep on hounding people to stop smoking. We all hear testimonials about how many quit cold turkey - but now we don't have to sacrifice - as do have a choice that won't feel different but make the difference!


Smoke Tip
Electronic Cigarette

This brand of e-cig has a 2 break design.

One part is the cartridge looks like the filter part of a tobacco cigarette hold the flavored e-liquid and the atomizer that is part of the delivery system which converts the e-liquid into vapor.

The other part is the battery which looks similar to the white paper that holds the tobacco in a traditional cigarette.

These two parts are screwed together after the battery is recharged and the Smoke Tip electronic cigarette is ready to use.

The replaceable cartridges deliver over 250 puffs which is equivalent to around 25 tobacco cigarettes. After puffing these for over 200 times, the cartridge has to be changed. This ensures that there is a new atomizer every time for top performance and full satisfaction.

SmokeTip cartridges has various Nicotine levels to choose from which are 16mg, 12mg, 6mg or 0mg.

There are 19 full-bodied flavors to enjoy, including the standard tobacco and menthol.

The battery last longer than most other brands. And, Smoke Tip covers their battery with 100% Lifetime Warranty unlike other e-cig reviews, those warranties only cover the cartridges.

Smoke Tip
Electronic Cigarette Kit

This Smoke Tip reviews offer slashes down the original price by ten dollars - from $59.95 to $49.95 to get all of these with free shipping.

2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
5 Flavor Cartridges
1 Wall Adapter
1 USB Charger
1 Gift Box Packaging

When it comes to enjoying an electronic cigarette, choose Smoke Tip as this review's exclusive offer has the discounted price, and one of the best deals in the market with the quality you are looking for and a number of freebies in store.

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