Smoke Free, it is like the wind blows, there's no doubt about it, life can be smoke-free.

In this review, there's a FREE electronic hookah, coupon codes, and whole lot more freebies. Interested? Here's the review about the electronic cigarette brand that is a totally must-have!

Finding the right electronic cigarette takes some serious consideration and the things that matter include how it performs, the way it looks, the flavor choices, any extras when you order, the guarantee and, of course, the price.

Smoke Free is one of the original electronic companies in the US. Their main office located in Baltimore. Their electronic cigarettes and accessories have the finest quality expected from a US company and it's easy to contact customer support as you can call or send an email.


Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette has 5 types which are the Gold, Duet, Tattoo, Electronic Hookah, and the Electronic Cigar. Sold seperately are the necessary replacement components which are the e-liquids, cartomizers, cartridges, and e-Cigar refills. The Smoke Free accessories are carrying cases, chargers, adapters, atomizers, and batteries.

The e-liquid that turns to vapor come in 4 nicotine levels which are high, medium, low or none. These have a variety of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, apple, vanilla, etc. The e-Cigar has two flavors which are original cigar and menthol.

Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette offers:

Gold and Premium VIP membership. This entitles the bearer a full year of discounts, special promos, and free products.

Reward points. For every purchase, there are equivalent points that can be use to get discounts. If you have earned a lot of points, these may be also used to get products.

Club membership. By simply signing up for emails, you get updates on new sales and promos.

Bulk purchase discounts. The more you spend, the higher the discounts, and these discounts are applied automatically upon checkout.

Lifetime warranty. This applies to the battery unit and chargers. The cartridges and cartomizers ha a one year warranty

Free shipping. This given when the order amounts to over $100 and the delivery address is in the US.

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