ProSmoke E-Cigarette review

ProSmoke E-Cigarette provides Americans with the smoking alternative that does not contain Propylene Glycol which is the main ingredient of most other brands of electronic cigarettes. ProSmoke E-Cigarette reviews have rated this e-cig as the No. 1 brand in the industry. ProSmoke E-Cigarette is certified by the ROHC, CE, FCC, PSE and SGS. The industry standards of electronic cigarettes are closely being watched because of the rampant sales of low quality electronic cigarettes.


This electronic device has a 3 part design that makes it more durable than other electronic cigarette brands. The Propylene Glycol that creates a harsh feeling in the throat when inhaled by the user of other brands has been omitted by the makers of ProSmoke E-Cigarettes. What is used is Vegetable Glycerin which brings up production cost but helps the user have a smoother hit. The difference was noted by a number of people who are into vaping, the term used for inhaling the harmless water vapor present in electronic cigarettes that imitates the smoking inhalation provided by tobacco cigarettes.

The manufacturer of ProSmoke E-Cigarette state that they seek to provide their clients with the highest quality of electronic devices so that they will be able to utterly enjoy the vaping sensation and get to save money because of the known savings that can be obtained by using these electronic devices.

The basic ProSmoke E-Cigarette starter kit that includes all the components needed to use this electronic device and flavor cartridges are available at the low retail price of $59.95. ProSmoke E-Cigarette are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty, which is one of the longest term warranties in the industry.

If you are interested in using electronic devices to join the millions of people who are into vaping, the advantages of using ProSmoke E-Cigarette are numerous. As a smoking alternative, the choice of ProSmoke E-Cigarette will provide the user with more water vapor generated, a denser mist, a smoother hit, and a longer lasting battery life than other brands.

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