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Let's backtrack a bit for the newbies. Here's are 3 of the common terms associated with these devices:

Electronic cigarettes. AKA e-cigarettes, e-cigs, and alternative cigarettes are electronic devices that were created to imitate the movements and experience of smoking tobacco products.


Vaping. The term used for 'smoking' e-cigs as it creates a cloud of water vapor to mimic tobacco smoke.
E-liquid. These are the liquids that turn into into vapor when the electronic cigarette is activated by the user by taking a drag.

The level of performance of these devices varies among the different brands.

Some batteries can last as long as 3 days for an average user while others are require more frequent recharging. Others emit a small vape cloud while there are the ones that can create an awesome amount of vapor. There are electronic cigarettes with special features such as being able to adjust the intake level and more.

The newer electronic cigarettes models have replaceable parts, in case one needs to repair it, keep it in top condition, and allow a vaper to assemble their own. Some e-cigs like e-Go/e-Go-T, may easily be upgraded by getting a part from the electronic MyFreedomSmokes.

E-liquids may be integrated into the 'filter' part of the e-cigarette or it can be dropped in. The most common e-liquids are the standard tobacco and menthol flavors of traditional cigarettes. There are e-liquid flavors that have duplicated the taste of the most popular cigarette brands such as Marlboro, Camel, and Dunhill.

E-Liquids has opened a new dimension in flavor to vapors to include choices that range from fruits, candies, desserts, and even drinks like rum and brandy.

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