These free trial offers are NO LONGER AVAILABLE. For a list of the best electronic cigarettes, click here.

Smokers that have successfully kicked their habit with Electronic Cigarettes share their stories on blogs and by word of mouth; and E-Cigs are now appearing everywhere online, in local malls and even in gas stations. Some companies offer Free Trials that you can only find online, but beware.


Free Trials of Electronic Cigarettes are a great way to test E-Cigs out before investing in a good starter kit but you need to make sure to read the fine print. Electronic Cigarettes are a great way to quit smoking and the last thing you want to do is turn back to traditional cigarettes because you were mislead by a Free Trial.

Free Trials of Electronic Cigarettes might also mean that you are signing up for a trial program that will send you out refill cartridges for your E Cigarette that you will eventually be billed for. Some people don't read the fine print and just sign up, or forget about canceling from the trial program and realize after a few months that their credit card has been charged.

Another thing to watch out for are Electronic Cigarette Free Trials that are very short. You need to factor in shipping time, and for a Free Trial that is very short may mean that your trial is up shortly after you even receive it in the mail. This means that you might not have time to mail it back within the required trial period, and you will be charged for keeping it.

    A few things about this video:
    The Free Trial in this video is no longer available - see below for available Electronic Cigarette Free Trials.

  • There are now more varieties of electronic cigarettes available and can be purchased for fractions of the price mentioned in this video.
  • Electronic Cigarettes has cartridges that contain nicotine, the ones used in this experiment do not contain nicotine.
  • Smokers can gradually cut down on nicotine intake with electronic cigarettes by choosing different cartridges - Try this Electronic Cigarette experiment for yourself.

If you are trying to quit smoking but are skeptical about investing your money on Electronic Cigarettes a Free Trial is your answer, just make sure you do your research and cancel from any programs within the required time. Electronic Cigarettes are a great start to a smoke free life, so don't ruin your impression of them from a Free Trial scam. There are actual legitimate Electronic Cigarette Free Trials out there, but just be sure to always read the fine print so you understand the terms.

For piece of mind, if you are serious about quitting smoking with Electronic Cigarettes you might be better off just buying one that's decently priced rather than reading through the fine print of free trials and dealing with the hassle that goes along with them. You might find that what you will get from a free trial may not be the best Electronic Cigarette for you.

Take a look at some of the best Electronic Cigarettes out there and compare for yourself.