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Free shipping
30 day money back guarantee
1 year Limited Warranty
Two-Part Superior Design
Simple to use and charge
Gift Box
One Mini Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
2 Catomizers ( One Menthol, One Tobacco)
USB charger

You can add on Chocolate flavor or get more Catomizers, which look like the filter part of a cig, to stock up.

Now, here's a quick computation of how much more money you can save when using the EonSmoke Electronic Cigarette brands. Since one of the Disposable Atomizer is equal to 2 Traditional Packs of Cigarettes, if you get a Pack of Disposable Atomizers at $14.95, it is equivalent to 12 Packs of Tobacco Cigarettes!

What else can you save? I don't want to sound like a holier than thou jerk, but you and I do know it's true. You know why smoking is bad for us. It's to your benefit, plus you can use these electronic cigarette devices to get a nicotine fix while riding a plane or in a non-smoking public area.

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