Electronic Cigarettes Safety: NZ

In an article in the NZ Herald, it states that "The Ministry of Health has stated that electronic cigarettes are "far safer" than smoking tobacco...The ministry considers them an unapproved medicine."

In the same article, it also said that "health select committee: "As the e-cigarette delivers only nicotine ... without the 4000 or so other chemicals in tobacco smoke, it is far safer than smoking...However, the ministry said research questions needed to be answered before it could support the e-cigarette's introduction and trials were needed on its safety and its effectiveness as a quit-smoking device."


Electronic Cigarette Safety: USA

According to the FDA News on July 22, 2009, “The FDA is concerned about the safety of these products and how they are marketed to the public,” said Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., commissioner of food and drugs... Because these products have not been submitted to the FDA for evaluation or approval, at this time the agency has no way of knowing, except for the limited testing it has performed, the levels of nicotine or the amounts or kinds of other chemicals that the various brands of these products deliver to the user."

In June 22, 2010, new FDA rules as this government agency has the ability to regulate electronic cigarettes because of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act that became law in June 2009. These rules are, to quote:

*Prohibiting the sale of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to people younger than 18;
*Prohibiting the sale of cigarette packages with less than 20 cigarettes;
*Prohibiting distribution of free samples of cigarettes;
*Restricting distribution of free samples of smokeless tobacco; and
*Prohibiting tobacco companies from sponsoring any athletic, musical or other *social or cultural events, among other things.

Electronic Cigarettes Safety: WHO

According to Wikipedia, in September 2008, the World Health Organization issued a release proclaiming that it does not consider the electronic cigarette to be a legitimate smoking cessation aid, stating that to its knowledge, "no rigorous, peer-reviewed studies have been conducted showing that the electronic cigarette is a safe and effective nicotine replacement therapy."

Electronic Cigarettes Safety

The rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes worldwide has raised many questions about how safe these product are. These smokeless tobacco devices mimic traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products such as cigars and pipes.

Until today, not enough tests have been conducted or research made to confirm the safety of these electronic devices.

Though these electronic cigarettes are regulated, it's good to know that the NZ Ministry of Health has stated that electronic cigarettes are "far safer" than smoking tobacco.