Review: eCigs, ePipes, eCigars, and the eSpliff for smoking legal herbs. If you want to 'smoke' alternative cigarettes or take a toke, this eCigs store review has got it all for that nicotine or non-nicotine hit or high.

Electronic Cigarette Canada Products

Electronic Cigarettes

This company sell electronic cigarettes as kits and it also has the disposable type. Great deals are to be found for their Basic, Premium, and Deluxe kits as these have comparatively lower prices than many other electronic cigarette brands. The e-cig can be in black, white, or original, and these work automatically when one takes a drag. It has an automatic 5 second draw turn off to prevent the atomizer from burning out which is a common issue with other e-cig brands.


Ecigs Clearomizer

This device is screwed on to the battery. It works as an atomizer and holds an approximate 3ml of e-liquid. The vaping experience can last for hours without having to keep refilling or replacing the cartridge. And, cartridges are not needed for the Ecigs Clearomizer.

Nite Brite Clearomizor

These are compatible with the Electronic Cigarette Canada Deluxe e-cigs fat battery that has a push button. One can vape for days as this hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid. It lights up when taking a drag. The colors of available are blue, green, pink, and clear.


This has a tank system for hours of vaping with the battery power to keep it going. Sleek in design, owning this makes many other e-cigs look obsolete.

Disposable Ecigs

If you want to try this brand before buying an electronic cigarette kit, you may get one of the disposable electronic cigarettes. It will take 600 puffs to exhaust these - and that's more puff power that nearly any other disposable in the market today.


Now here's something for all the legal herb users out there! It's surely more discreet than a bong and a lot less messier than a pipe. Run out of rolling paper? No worries as the E-Spliff is the discreet way to take a hit.

With this, the herbs are heated evenly by a vaporizer in a closed chamber that even minimizes the aroma released. Easy to use, just fill, press the power button, and take a hit with the E-Spliff.


Looks like a real cigar, it automatically switches when one takes a puff. Has a crystal LED light and a 5 second auto draw turn off so the atomizer won't burn out. Love the voluminous cigar smoke? This one gives out a whole load of vapor.


Pipe smokers will love this alternative that has an automatic switch and a crystal LED light that glows when a puff is takes. It's like the real pipe with lot of vapor generated to be able to blow out a cloud.

E-Liquids Flavors

These are the superb tastes that you can enjoy. If you can't decide which one, Electronic Cigarette Canada has a pack for you to try everything.

Canadian Tobacco
Crazy Cola
Creamy Chocolate
Red Bull
Dr. Pepper
U.S.A Tobacco Blend

Electronic Cigarette Canada is a e-cig store that has electronic cigarettes and more.

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