Crown 7 Electronic Cigarettes are some of the best alternative cigarettes to stop polluting the atmosphere and demolish the hold that the smoking habit has. Non-smokers don't understand that it is not that easy to quit and no matter how often they admonish a smoker, it seems impossible to stop smoking even if the most common methods such as chewing gum and using nicotine patches have been tried.

Nicotine is addictive. Tobacco products contain nicotine and thousand of other elements. Warning labels are all over these yet smokers do not heed the words they read and hear that tobacco kills. Why? Because the nicotine craving is so overwhelming one would walk a mile for a cig in the worst weather conditions.


What many non-smokers don't realize is that most smokers want to quit or have at least considered the fact that they ought to. A lot of ex-smokers tell their stories about how they stopped cold turkey and by using quit smoking methods such as hypnosis. The die-hard smokers scoff at these suggestions yet at one time or another have thought about trying electronic cigarettes.

Yet, the feedback from the people who use electronic cigarettes vary as there are positive and negative reviews. A number of ex-smokers say that is worked for them, some people use these e-cigs only in places where smoking is banned like in the office or in a pub.

The main complaint is not that they didn't like e-cigs but is that the one that they bought broke down, the battery no longer worked, and other similar problems pertaining to the durability and performance of the electronic cigarette.

One of the best brands in the industry ensures that this type of problems won't occur. The Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette company was established in May 2007. All Crown 7 electronic cigarettes have 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Advantages

1. This device emits vapor that is made from propylene glycol, water, nicotine and flavor which appears like smoke but is nearly odorless.

2. Activation is done by the act of inhaling and it automatically turns after dragging.

3. Looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette so one can mimic the motions of smoking, including the act of pulling out a stick from a pack.

4. Flameless, there is no need to use a lighter or matches to ignite it and there will never be cigarette burns on a table or on upholstery when using these.

5. Ashless, one does not need to clean out an ashtray and there will be no dirty ashes falling onto the table or floors.

6. Has various nicotine levels to choose from ranging from high which is likened to that of regular strength cigarettes to ultra light. There is also an option to 'smoke' one zero nicotine level.

7. Has voluminous vapor production to satisfy the drag and blowing out the smoke.

The Crown 7 product line includes electronic cigarette kits, disposable electronic cigarettes, refills, e-liquid flavors, and accessories. Their electronic cigarettes are as follows:

Crown 7 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

These have the longest puff power around. Each Crown 7 disposable electronic cigarette gives out an astounding 500 puffs. There are 2 flavors to choose from which are tobacco and menthol.

Crown 7 Hydro Imperial Electronic Cigarette Kit

The Crown 7 Hydro Imperial electronic cigarette is probably the most powerful and reliable electronic cigarette. It's the latest in the market. This is sold as an electronic cigarette kit. The electronic cigarette colors are sleek black and cool white and it comes in a compact carrying case that looks like a traditional cigarette pack.

The Crown 7 The Luxury Edition, LXE Electronic Cigarette Kit

1 Crown 7 pack
1 extra battery
1 carrying case
1 car charger
1 home charger
10 cartomizers

"W" Crown 7 Electronic Cigarette Kit

This was designed to make a fashionable statement. The black carrying case has a pink Crown 7 logo and upon opening it, there is a mirror inside.

Included in the "W" kit is a USB charger and 3 cartomizers. This electronic cigarette is colored pink and has a bejeweled tip.

The Crown 7 electronic cigarette brand has as the reliability and top performance levels desired in electronic cigarettes.