Cirrus 3 E-Cig review

Cirrus 3 E-Cig has fantastic innovative features. Shorter. Lighter. Quick draw. Use the Coupon Code 2YEARWALL for a discount with the starter kit and get yet another Coupon Code in this Cirrus 3 E-Cig review. For the most technologically advanced electronic device that can change the way you vape for the better - find out how to obtain it, what the features are, plus get the other Coupon Code with this Cirrus 3 E-Cig review.


Ever since electronics cigarettes have been invented, the device has been bulky. The original electronic cigarette that was highly popular in Europe even looked like a cigar. As the trend nowadays is for electronics to be compact, such as your iPod, manufacturers have been attempting to create a smaller e-cigarette.

There have been mini electronic cigarettes - but only now with Cirrus 3 E-Cig is there one that delivers a full burst of flavour and more vapor. The Cirrus 3 E-Cig measures only 2.25 inches! This is 3/8" shorter than a regular tobacco cigarette. It is 36% lighter than other brands.

The Cirrus 3 E-Cig is also shock absorbent. This feature is totally new! Imagine, unlike other brands of electronic cigarettes, if you drop the Cirrus 3 E-Cig, it will continue working! With these superior features, when you want the best e-cigarette, it has just got to be Cirrus 3 E-Cig.

Cirrus 3 E-Cig, is the most compact and powerful electronic device in the industry. That's because the Cirrus 3 E-Cig took 3 long years to create. With one battery recharge lasting for 190 puffs and a Quick Vapor Draw, using this electronic device ensures better performance levels than the rest.

With the White Cloud brand, you have the assurance that the Cirrus 3 E-Cig of the best. Since the launch of their first Cirrus electronic cigarette model a few years back, White Cloud has created a special niche in the market with thousands of loyal vapers. This is because their products perform very well. Reliability, durability, and affordability is the reputation that White Cloud had garnered in the electronic cigarette industry.

For those who have not experienced vaping, which is the term for using these electronic cigarettes that mimics smoking tobacco cigarettes, the sensation is the same as that of smoking but there are distinct differences. One of these will be inhaling and exhaling water vapor. It's like creating your own 'white cloud' which has no odor.

Your Cirrus 3 E-Cig kit is complete. Note that most kits have only one battery but with Cirrus 3 E-Cig, you get triple batteries! Here are the items included in the Cirrus 3 E-Cig starter kit:

3 Cirrus 3 Electronic Cigarette batteries with red LED
5 SmoothDraw cartridges
1 USB charger
1 AC adapter
1 Cirrus 3 E-Cig User Manual

You can avail of the White Cloud Cirrus 3 E-Cig complete starter kit with the discounts from using the COUPON CODE 2YEARWALL and COUPON CODE 2YEARCAR. Enjoy the tremendous advantage of using the best electronic cigarette, Cirrus 3 E-Cig. Enjoy the dense mist and full flavor of this turbo charge electronic device. Be part of the vaping revolution that is sweeping the planet with the top performing electronic device, Cirrus 3 E-Cig.

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Cirrus 3 E-Cig reviews