Cigarex review

News: Cigirex electronic cigarette advertisement banned. Find out the truth about Cigirex! What did Cigirex state that got the ad banned? Read about it in this Cigirex review.


According to FMCG News, this was the content of the Cigirex advertisement,  ""ATTENTION SMOKERS: a new product with less nicotine, no tobacco or tar, but the same satisfaction!" Text in the copy read as follows: "... a breakthrough on how nicotine is delivered to your bloodstream without tar, tobacco and thousands of carcinogens associated with traditional cigarettes ... CIGIREX removes these harmful ingredients associated with traditional cigarettes and delivers a no tobacco, tar free method of how nicotine is delivered into your system ... CIGIREX, a carcinogen-free nicotine oral delivery system with cartomizer technology. CIGIREX looks, feels and smokes just like a real tobacco cigarette with none of the tar or tobacco found in a regular tobacco cigarette ..."

FMG News stated, "The first (complaint) was that the regulator wondered whether the product's claims that it had none of the detrimental effects of smoking could be substantiated. where the cigarettes claim to have none of the detrimental effects of tobacco cigarettes, there was once again insufficient evidence to substantiate the claims. The second (complaint) was that there was concern over the medicinal claims for the unauthorised product...The product made health claims which had not been regulated by the corrected bodies, CIGIREX had not managed to get the correct marketing authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products."

Recently, a number of restrictions have been placed on electronic cigarette advertisements. The industry must adhere to these strict policies.

Cigirex sells e-cigarettes that come in three different strengths. The color red packaging is the regular kind which contains 16 mg of nicotine. The gold is light which is equivalent to 11 mg. The green packaging features menthol flavor with the nicotine strength at 16 mg.

Cigirex offers a refill for lifetime program. When you enroll in this program you receive one refill package that is equivalent to about 175 cigarettes. Many heavy smokers prefer Cigirex as it gets to save them money with long term use.

The starter kit package of Cigirex is complete. This electronic cigarette device is made with the 2 break technology. There's no need to use e-liquids to place in the flavor of tobacco or menthol. Cigirex features the filter cartridge which is simply screwed on.

Cigirex is one of the most popular brands in the industry. Cigirex delivers a dense mist than most brands. The term for using this electronic cigarette is vaping. That is because what is inhaled is water vapor to replicate that of tobacco smoke.

Cigirex e-cigs can be used anywhere. There is no ban on it being used in public places such as airplanes, trains, and restaurants. When you need a nicotine fix Cigirex offers you the solution to vape anytime, anywhere. There is no option for you to use the zero nicotine level with Cigirex, unlike other brands of e-cigs that offer much lower and even Zero mg of nicotine intake.

In spite of the advertising ban, many people still from Cigirex as they continues to sell their products. If you are interested in Cigirex or other brands of electronic cigarettes, you must realize that the vaping sensation that is sweeping the world is one that is not simply a trend, the products are great and people are using them every day to replace regular cigarettes when not needed.