Cigarex reviews

Shocking: Cigarex advertisement gets banned! Cigarex, an electronic cigarette, has not followed the restrictions that was imposed by the specific regulatory boards. What was the gist of the ad? Discover the reason behind the ban with this Cigarex review.


The Cigarex ad was in essence, repetitive. The foundation of the entire ad was this statement, "... removes these harmful ingredients associated with traditional cigarettes and delivers a no tobacco, tar free method of how nicotine is delivered into your system." This is not acceptable as there was not enough evidence to substantiate these kind of claims. Take note this Cigarex review is factual and simply informs the reader about the news about the Cigirex ad ban in the UK.

Cigarex is an electronic nicotine delivery device. This brand features the 2 break technology wherein the white part of the e-cig which is the atomizer, is to be screwed on the the filter part that delivers the nicotine and flavor. As the person inhales the Cigarex electronic device, the LED light at the end gets lit up, imitating the way that a tobacco cigarette works.

As the person inhales the Cigarex electronic device, they get an intake of water vapor, flavor, and nicotine. As the person blows it out, the water vapor looks like that of tobacco smoke. This is the way all electronic cigarettes work, though the best brands smoothly deliver denser mists and a stronger burst of flavor than the others.

The Cigarex electronic cigarette brand comes in 3 different kinds of flavors and nicotine strengths. The first is the red pack, which is the full tobacco regular flavor with a nicotine level of 16 mg. The gold pack is their lights with the nicotine intake of 11 mg. There is also the green pack which is menthol flavored that has a 16 mg. level of nicotine. The other brands of electronic cigarettes provide the user with the non-nicotine option and more nicotine levels to choose from, ranging from 24 mg. to 4 mg.

There are many other popular brands of . The ones that are most sought-after are those that are made in the USA or USA made e-juice. Some of the also let you class="follow">buy electronic cigarettes with a coupon code discount. Other popular brands are made in the UK.

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