This Bull Smoke review has the cutting edge in vapor technology. 5 years in the making, their team of engineers created a smart battery and upgraded the response level.

These features unique to Bull Smoke is what makes their electronic cigarette brand lead in vapor production and consistency of delivery.


Bull Smoke Smart Battery

- Has modern mico-air flow sensor that powers the unit when activated by the person taking a drag
- Sensor instantly powers down when the inhalation stops
- This sensor is so responsive that the slightest drag can activate the vaping process
- With this sensor, the battery life is extended by 75 percent
- The battery is make of 4.2 volt ion lithium pack inside each cylinder
- This is the same type of battery used in smart phones, micro GPS units and other similar devices.
- Has a PCB micro-circuit board which is the brain to the battery
- Has a chip set to monitor, control, and optimize performance
- Has the shortest charging time
- Has the longest lasting retained charge

Bull Smoke Cartridges

These cartridges hold the e-liquid which is what turns into vapor when activated by taking a puff from the e-cig. To buy cartridges, indicate what flavor and nicotine level you desire. Here are the choices:

10 Flavors

1. AMERICAN RANGER (similar to Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Doral, Chesterfield & Basic)
2. REFINED BLEND (similar to Parliament, Dunhill, Benson & Hedges, L & M, Players, Du Maurier, and Viceroy)
3. TURKISH TOBACCO (similar to Camel, Kent, Merit, American Spirit, Murad, Helmer & Samsun)
4. MENTHOL BREEZE (Newport, Marlboro Menthol, Salem, Kool, Misty, and Virginia Slims Menthol)

5 Nicotine Levels

24 mg - comparable to non-filtered cigarettes
18 mg - comparable to full flavored cigarettes
12 mg - comparable to lights cigarettes
6 mg - comparable to ultra-light cigarettes
0 mg - contains no nicotine

Bull Smoke is definitely a man’s e-cigarette. With 10 different bold flavors, select the nicotine level starting from 0 mg to 24mg. It is in fact these bold flavors and packaging makes Bull Smoke the ideal electronic cigarette for men.

Bull Smoke also offer disposable Buckshot e-cigs that will last around 2 days. Disposable e-cigs are the ones to buy if you just want to test this brand. These are definitely a lot cheaper than the starter kits. What you can expect is the same quality and flavor as you would with a full starter kit. So, if you still want to shop around but still sample Bull Smoke, then get the Buckshot disposable e-cig.

To enjoy the full experience, get a Bull Smoke e-cigarette starter kits. These are available in White and Black, but you can get batteries in Yellow as well. If you want to cheap it up then go ahead and just order a single battery, USB charger and some cartridges.

Bull Smoke is the ideal choice for men (and women) who are demanding and want total satisfaction without fuss in an electronic cigarette.