For vapor volume like no other, Breath Fresh E-Cigs is the brand to choose. The state-of-the-art design, the ease of use, and the great performance levels are a few of the reasons why Breath Fresh E-Cigs is one of the most popular brands in the market today.

Most other electronic cigarette brands come and go - but after 5 years in the industry, Breath Fresh E-Cigs has established their excellent reputation because their products deliver as promised.


If you have been looking for an e-cig that is reliable and durable - and requires the least amount of fuss to use - this brand is one of the most popular choices.

Breath Fresh E-Cigs has two components which are the rechargeable battery and the cartomizer. The cartomizer, which looks like the filter part of a traditional cigarette, houses the cartridge and atomizer.

These cartomizers also contains the flavor option and the nicotine level of choice.

Breath Fresh E-Cigs has 4 nicotine levels to chose from which are high, medium, low, and none. There are 6 great flavors - Marlboro, Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Vanilla, and Apple.

One may buy these electronic cigarettes as complete kits. Their best selling kit is the Resolution Kit that has a Lithium ion battery, a USB charger, a Wall charger, 3 Refill cartridges of your choice, and the Breathe Fresh e-cigarette user manual. There are also the Couple's Kit and the Basic Starter Kit 2.0.

These cartridges will last for about 250 puffs. When one notices that there is no longer any flavor that comes out of it, it is time to replace the cartridge. Unlike other e-cigarettes, there is no need to drop e-liquids into these. All that has to be done is to screw off the cartridge and place the new one that you may easily order from the Breath Fresh E-Cigs website.

Breath Fresh E-Cigs has their Disposable e-cigs. These have 2 nicotine level choices which are high and medium and 3 flavor choices which are Classic, Menthol, and Tobacco. For people who would like to bring along an e-cig while travelling and the ones who don't want to have to recharge the battery, these are the best choice.

Breath Fresh E-Cigs are among the best brands. If you are a newbie to e-smoking or would like to make the switch to a device that is easy to use, choose Breath Fresh E-Cigs as this company has an established reputation that will provide you with the high quality electronic cigarettes that you have been looking for.