Try Bedford Slims, the e-cigs that fits right into your lifestyle and budget and is unique because it has herbal ingredients. Bedford Slims has a mustache logo and one distinct caffeinated flavor that is going to be an unforgettable experience you'll love to repeat time and time again.

Bedford Slims Review


This e-cig is known as a Vapourette. The ease of operation of this electronic device system makes the vaping experience uncomplicated. No hassle, no fuss, just pure enjoyment with a mustache!

Penny for penny, when buying electronic cigarettes, Bedford Slims gives best value for your hard-earned money.

And, one good thing about this brand is it does provide highly detailed information about their electronic cigarette components.


- 280 mAH, 5-volt Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
- Provides 3-hours continuous vaping which is around 300 puffs from full charge
- 2-hours battery recharge time
- Battery can be recharged up to 150 times
- Has a white or red LED light at the tip

Power Up USB

- Input DC5V/Output DC5V
- 2-hours recharge time
- Lightweight, portable
- White with mustache logo
- Glows red when recharging


- These refill cartridges last for 300 puffs
- 2.5 OHM (low resistance)
- Houses the built-in atomizer and e-liquid
- Safeguard tip design prevents leaking
- 5 cartridges equals almost 8 cigarette packs

Nicotine Dosage by Strength

Full Flavored: 24 mg
Light: 12 mg
Non-nicotine: 0 mg


These exclusive blends of Bedford Slims are made from natural derived flavors and herbal ingredients.

Tobacco. Has the Kentucky tobacco taste.
Menthol. Soothing, cool, and refreshing.
Dark Roast. Made from Arabica beans, it has caffeine and the perk of ginkgo biloba

Bedford Slims has various electronic cigarette kits that range from the basic to the starter kit. The flavor choices are menthol and tobacco.

Mini-Kit Carton. Packaged in their limited edition black tartan box, included in this e-cig kit are 10 Batteries and 10 Cartridges.

Vapourette Mini Kit. Get a complete e-cig in this simplest of kits that has a battery and a cartridge.

Vapourette Starter System. Complete, it has every component needed to start vaping with the choice of getting 1 or 2 batteries.

Bedford Slims electronic cigarettes have a really neat design and packaging with mustache logo. With the true taste of tobacco, menthol that soothes the throat, and the rich roast coffee flavor with caffeine, it's a level up from ordinary e-liquids and is a must-try for all who want the best flavor sensation from electronic cigarettes.