Consider how often your will use your Electronic Cigarette?

  • The number of batteries that come with your E-Cigarette starter kit should be compared first. Whether you choose cartridges or cartomizers for your E-Cig, E-liquid comes in various strengths and flavors, and you can experiment and try different E-liquids later - so don't worry about that when deciding on which Electronic Cigarette starter kit to purchase.


    Think about your normal day - How often do you have access to a power outlet or USB port on a computer? Don't make charging your electronic cigarette a hassle.

  • Choose an electronic cigarette starter kit that comes with multiple batteries, so you always have one at hand while you can charging your spare batteries
  • On the go chargers are great for when you are away from an power outlet or a USB charger for most of the day
  • USB chargers are convenient for those who work around computers often
  • If you buy an electronic cigarette starter kit with an atomizer and cartridges (as opposed to cartomizers - cartridges with disposable atomizers built in) it is more cost efficient to buy your E-liquid in bulk bottles to refill your E-Cigarette cartridges rather than purchasing pre-filled cartridges each time.
  • Try out different electronic cigarette cartridges/cartomizers until you get an idea of what cartridges/cartomizers you like best. When you find one that you like, then you start saving more money by purchasing your favorite E-liquids in bulk bottles. You can also experiment with different concentrations of nicotine cartridges to find what fits your needs best.
  • Think of how you want to use your E-Cigarette: Do you want it to look like a traditional cigarette, or do you prefer a stylish design (you would be surprised at how you may turn heads and strike a conversation about your switch to a stink-free electric cigarette) Most E-Cigarettes have an LED light at the end that will light up as your inhale - these E-Cig LED lights come in different colors. Blu Cigs has a blue LED light that has been popular with electronic cigarettes and are 100% USA made with E-Liquid from Johnson Creek Wisconsin USA.
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  • If you have younger children in your household you may want to take extra precautions and find E-liquids in bulk bottles that come with childproof lids. You can also find an E-Cigarette that has a manual battery like v2 E-Cig (E-Cig with a button that needs to be pressed before you can inhale the vapor). (Electronic Cigarettes are intended for those of legal smoking age - Keep Away From Children!)

If you are serious about your switch to a smoke-free life and need more reassurance before making your Electronic Cigarette purchase - sit down and calculate how many packs of traditional cigarettes that you normally purchase in a month and total the damage to your wallet! You can then use that total to compare how much you would like to spend on an E-Cigarette.

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