If, even for just for a fleeting moment, a smoker has desired to quit using cigarettes, pipes, or cigars, the nicotine craving might be too great to stop cold turkey, though many have done so. The other stop smoking aids that include patches and gums may have worked for a while for some, but the determination to stop smoking is weakened by the need for nicotine as it is the addictive thing in tobacco products.


Many smokers would walk a mile, go out during hazardous weather conditions, and even ignore the pleas of their family members or the stop smoking signs just to be able to light up. Despite their physician's warning, many just can't quit - and the one of the solutions presented is to get an electronic cigarette.

According to the November 7, 2011 N.Y.Times article, A Tool to Quit Smoking Has Some Unlikely Critics, "A team led by Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania recruited 40 hard-core smokers... and simply gave them a gadget already available in stores for $50. This electronic cigarette... After six months, more than half the subjects in Dr. Polosa’s experiment had cut their regular cigarette consumption by at least 50 percent. Nearly a quarter had stopped altogether."

The article further stated that, "Though this was just a small pilot study, the results fit with other encouraging evidence and bolster hopes that these e-cigarettes could be the most effective tool yet for reducing the global death toll from smoking."

Many wonder what the electronic cigarette advantages are and why one may want to make the switch from traditional cigarettes. There are many online electronic cigarette reviews that state what the advantages are but some people feel that the information derived from those are lacking.

Unsatisfied, many people ignore the e-cig reviews and shrug the suggestions off. Having been a smoker for a long period of time, one is aware of the dangers of doing so, have read the warnings by the Surgeon General and the American Cancer Society, yet still, no matter what is said about tobacco products, there are over a billion smokers worldwide.

There are many electronic cigarette reviews and as you study these, take a moment to consider what the results of the study were and how it helped half of the 40 people to stop smoking. This is an article that may save a life, and that life may even be yours - as every day that quitting smoking is delayed, the ill-effects of tobacco products have been proven to shorten our life expectancy.