Use a designer electronic cigarette brand for stylish performance. When you need an alternative cigarette, there are many e-cigarette brands to choose from. What are the factors that will aid you in deciding which is the best one that will suit your requirements?

Style. Get the look you want to project. Would you prefer a brand that looks like a traditional tobacco cigarette with a difference? The American Blue Tip Electronic Cigarette has a cool blue light that glows when dragged on instead of the usual red LED one. Other e-cig brands have more color LED light choices such as purple or green.


E-cigs now have various designs. Some come in black or silver, and are sleek or fat. All sort of colors are available. There are even some that may have a quick change look by applying a new skin from a choice of different patterns. See the new e-cig designs.

Flavor choices. A burst of water vapor for the blissful taste sensation. A typical electronic cigarette has the choice of tobacco and menthol flavors. There are e-cig brands that have specific tobacco brand flavors such as Camel, Dunhill, and Benson & Hedges.

The superlative options of flavors is not limited to the expected. So many of our favorite food and beverages has been made into e-liquids. A few examples are blueberry cheesecake, white chocolate, vanilla, kimi, coffee, brandy, and rum. Want to taste the ice cream flavors of Baskin and Robbins? Choose an e-liquid flavor - it’s a calorie free and non-fattening way to enjoy taste you love.

If what is available is not enough for you - find an e-cigarette shop that has DIY kits. Apply a little recipe making to your vaping, create your own flavor line the way you want it.

Power. Performance in a e-cigarette. A few of the criteria that you can look into would be how much vapor you can pack, how long the battery will last, and how long the product guarantee is. The top of the line electronic cigarettes are capable of creating voluminous clouds of water vapor to imitate smoke for a more satisfying vaping experience.

Versatility. Do you want one that may be adjusted according to your how strong or slow you want the intake? Nicotine levels may also be chosen - from strong to zero - to gradually reduce the urge for nicotine. How about the ways you may recharge the battery? There are chargers that can be used while in the vehicle, on the computer, to be plugged in a wall socket, or is as convenient as a travel pack.

Ease of use. Would you like a disposable e-cig that is ready to use? These have the equivalent use to more than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. The rechargeable kinds provide more value for your money. The basic choices are between those that have the e-liquid flavor and nicotine level in the filter-cartridge or for these to be dropped in.

American Blue Tip Electronic Cigarette is one of the popular brands. You may learn more about the features and options you have by reading various e-cig reviews.