So it's New Year's Eve again and you're still smoking, still eating fast food and spending way too much money. Can you even remember what your resolutions were last year?


Oh well, it's time to forget about last year's shortcomings and look forward to 2010!

The biggest resolution you can make is to quit smoking, everyone knows it's hard, it's going to be hard, but it will save you money, and could save your life.

Here are three ways to kick the nasty habit for good.

Option 1: Pick A Date

You need to make a plan to quit, otherwise you'll just keep picking up those cigarettes. So stop saying tomorrow and pick a day for good. It doesn't have to be January 1st, but having a big "Quit Smoking" on the calendar will make a big difference.

Seeing that nagging calendar appointment will be a good reminder for you NOT to buy more cigarettes.

Cold turkey is tough, so this is a good option to go along with other options below.

Picking a date will also go a long way in actually getting your stuff together for when you quit. Which brings us to step 2.

Option 2: Find Something Else To Do

Replace that habit with something productive. Every time you want to smoke, do something else, the old standby is chewing gum, but it can be anything.

If you always smoke with your morning coffee or during the morning commute there are hundreds of other things you can do at the same time. It might take a bit of soul searching to see what is best for you, but you can find it if you try. For instance, get a vocabulary builder or a new language tape to listen to. It'll keep your brain occupied and not thinking about smoking.

Toothpicks and gum help millions of people get over smoking because they fulfill the oral fixation that smokers come to be accustomed to on top of the nicotine addiction. Chewing on a pen or some sunflower seeds does the same thing.

Prescription nicotine chewing gum can also be a good way to get nicotine you crave, which brings us to step 3.

Option 3: Replace Nicotine With E-Cigs

Nicotine is what you want, so get it! It's a much easier way to quit smoking and step down your addiction.

Millions of people are turning to electric cigarettes instead of bad-tasting nicotine gum or nasty lozenges and pills that can give you nightmares as a side effect.

E-cigarettes are designed to give you a cigarette's worth of nicotine without the cancerous chemicals and for a fraction of the price of normal cigarettes. Some studies showed that people trying to quit smoking with electronic cigarettes had a 90 percent chance of doing so because there is so many similarities to actually smoking.

They look just like cigarettes too, so smokers don’t need to give up the social aspect of smoking.

The user favorite and top seller is the Blu Cigarettes which gets the highest marks for flavor, ease of use and looks.

But there are a slew of other cigarettes to choose from for every person. See the Top 20 E-Cig Electronic Cigarettes out now for more reviews.