For over 90 years, Uncle Josh Bait Company has been supplying the closest thing you can get to live bait which includes the new Uncle Josh Meat and quality fish tackle. This company has built a formidable reputation of reliability ad they know what makes the fresh and salt water fish bite!

Uncle Josh Meat is a great kind of bait that will catch multiple fish. It has a wriggling action and the chewy texture fish will love. Made from pork fat without the hide, it is the latest product of the Uncle Josh Bait Company.

This online bait store has the well-known brands to include Atom, Bass Stalker, Bead, Beaver Dam, Kalin's, Little Stinker, Meat, Sizmic, and Uncle Josh. With the various kinds of baits choices, the appearance, the action, and the size, you'll experience more fish biting than ever before!

Pork MEAT Bait

Kalin's Scrubs

Pork MEAT Leeches for Panfish!!!

You'll have a choice to shop for what you need for saltwater, freshwater, or ice fishing. You can also shop by species like if you want to catch catfish or bass.

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