Sun lovers! Sun Diego is the shop for you if you love outdoor sports or bathing in the sun. Located in 10 San Diego County locations, Sun Diego caters to the southern California active lifestyle as well as to the youth culture. Sun Diego is the place to go to for your surf or skating accessories. And look good as well because they’ve got apparel of all kinds and in different, cool styles to make you look good whether you’re on a surf board, on skates, sunning along the beach or simply want to look good in sporty, summery attire.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than to indulge in outdoor sports that involve sun, beach and water. If you’re a surfing aficionado, you probably always look for surfboards and its accessories that are functional and durable. Pair your favorite surfboard with accessories and apparel that not only complement your board but make surfing even better while letting you look good atop it as well.

Sun Diego carries surf fins to give you projection and maneuverability. Easily take those tall waves, twists and turns so easily with their lightweight fins. Its line of surfing accessories also include leashes, rack guards, traction pads, rashguards and more.

For those of you who love skating, Sun Diego offers a wide range of boards. Get the regular board or go for the longboard for more foot space and more flexible maneuvering. Check out Sun Diego’s line of skate shoes that come in different styles including the Van Alomar Shoe which features a high-sneaker style. What’s important with all the skate shoes is the sole – designed for greater grip on the skateboard and stability.

Since you’re at it already, you’d love poring over their collection of surf and skate apparel because Sun Diego has them all – tops, tees and tanks, hoodies, jackets, pants, sweaters, dresses, shorts, rompers, skirts and swimwear. Comfort, style and ease of wear are what it’s all about.

Make Sun Diego your sports partner when it comes to your surfing or skating needs. Play well, look good!