The Spartan Race takes your training to the test. Ready for an obstacle course challenge? Want more than just a run around the track or climbing a mountain with your friends? You may want to register to be part of the Spartan Race in your state or in other countries all over the world.

Spartan Race - Obstacle Race

Training to better your performance as an athlete is simply a personal challenge. Running around the track during a race or playing basketball with the group brings out the best in you.

How would you like to have an extra challenge? One that brings together the toughest of the tough? Where you have to compete in different kinds of obstacle courses?

Watch the video and take a look at these photos. Is the training that you have done enough to be ready to take on the Spartan Race?

Here's an excerpt of the Spartan Race discussion in the forum.

Subject: SPARTAN race...what did I get myself into?

Three of my senior boys who ran cross country for me needed a 4th person for their 4 man team for this so called Spartan race. The only person they could think of nutty enough and fit enough to do it with them was me. I said sure and then looked it up. Ummm...has anybody else done this race? I'm a little worried since there is a death waiver to sign. Gulp.

Reply: 8 Miles? haha... crazy.... well if you can do so much as a half marathon... you'll be fine...

at mine they had obsticals like jumping hurdles, crawling through mud under barbed wire, climbing up walls as they threw lard on to them.... that was "fun"... I fell off the wall and they made me do 50 push ups lol

a lot of climbing walls and cargo nets, running up hills and crawling under/through stuff... it is an adventure though... take a before/after pic... its funny how dirty you get after the race.

Spartan Race: World's Leading Obstacle Race Series

More than just a mud run, the event has known challenges and some surprise ones. There are 4 races to join.

Spartan Sprint
Super Spartan
The Spartan Beast
The Death Race

The Spartan Race events are open to anybody who wants to join BUT it is not for the ones who don't have the determination to take on a challenge that will make them perform like never before.

It's similar to Wipe Out, that TV Show where people have to get through an obstacle course. The Spartan Race is the test of your:

- Resilience
- Endurance
- Strength
- Stamina
- Reaction
- Ingenuity

Athletes training is typically conducted in controlled situations. If you join the Spartan Race, the pressure is there, it's a race against the clock, with new challenges every time.

Get out of the comfort zone to know how you rank. If you want to go as a group, there is Team Racing.

Do you want to belong to the Spartan Race? Register for the next event and get to have the most fun and challenging time of your life.

The events schedule are at the Spartan Race website. There might be an event in the state you are in. You might want to have another goal in your fitness training - and the Spartan Race is it.

Registration is the easiest part.
Surviving the race is going to be difficult.
Finishing it is the challenge.
Winning it?

Try and see if you are going to be the last one standing when you join the Spartan Race.

Spartan Race Registration