SlingZSkateboards, Razr scooters and Ripstiks are great modes of transportation and tons of fun to use at skate parks, but what do you do with them once you’ve gotten to your destination or you are taking a break from riding? Carrying your board or scooter around is really inconvenient, especially if you’ve got something to do that requires both hands.

SlingZ is the revolutionary, hands free method of carrying your favorite extreme sport ride while you aren’t using it. Once you’ve gotten to the mall, to your friends house or to anywhere where officials frown upon riding, you can strap on your SlingZ and effortlessly carry your skateboard or scooter on your back – leaving your hands completely free to shop, send some texts or play your handheld.

When you’re ready to get back on your board or scooter for the ride home, your SlingZ will easily roll up and fit into your pocket. SlingZ is the easiest and most convenient way to transport your skateboard or scooter when you aren’t riding it – it keeps your hands free and your ride completely safe until you are ready to get on again.

Some public places don’t allow riding on their premises and may even harass kids who are carrying their boards around for fear that they may begin riding where they aren’t supposed to, but you can’t leave your board or scooter outside or unattended. SlingZ provides the perfect solution – with your board or scooter strapped securely to your back, officials know that you don’t have any intentions of riding where you aren’t supposed to so you won’t be scrutinized and you know that, because it’s always with you, that your board or scooter will be safe.

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