Pocket-FishermanMy husband is unfortunately the most difficult person that I have ever known to shop for. He takes all of the fun out of birthdays and holidays because I never know what to get him. He is very picky when it comes to the things that he likes. Even if I get him something that he would normally like, it usually ends up being the wrong brand or the wrong style. I have resorted in the past few years to just getting him a card and making him his favorite meal. Then I found the Pocket Fisherman and I knew that it was the perfect thing to get for him.

I gave him the Pocket Fisherman for his birthday this year and he loved it! I had actually found the perfect gift that got that smile out of him, the one that lets you know that it is a real smile and not a polite one. He called his friend and made a date with him to go fishing so that he could try out his new gift that I had got him. The Pocket Fisherman is a great thing that he can even keep in the car at all times in case he decides to go down to the lake at the last minute for some fishing.

The Pocket Fisherman transforms in to a small and compact piece that is self contained. Everything has its place and it makes it very easy for you to fit it anywhere. This is great fro the fisherman on the go that likes to be prepared. I know that the Pocket Fisherman was the ideal gift to get my husband and I think that it is a great idea for anyone that has a family member that loves to fish and is hard to buy for. A great gift idea for a Fathers Day gift.

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