Navitat Canopy AdventuresDid you ever want to view the world around you in a way that you have never before? You can spend an entire afternoon immersed in nature, viewing the incredible forest from heights of up to two hundred feet in the air on one of the exciting and exhilarating tours offered by Navitat Canopy Adventures.

Navitat Canopy Adventures will take you on an amazing adventure through the forest, cruising across more than a full mile of terrain on zip lines that range from over one hundred to over one thousand feet in length. Over the course of about three hours you’ll be led by expert canopy guides from one amazing tree platform to the next taking in the sights of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

These tours are truly something special and an absolute must for exploring your adventurous side – you’ll experience hiking, rappelling and cruising on safe and secure zip lines where you’ll be able to experience and enjoy the natural sights and surroundings of Asheville from above.

Once you’ve taken a canopy tour from Navitat Canopy Adventures, you’ll be completely hooked and hungry for your next adventure. The tours run rain or shine and each individual tour offers a completely unique and totally memorable experience.

If you want to get outside and experience something that you will talk about for years to come, something that will thrill, excite and amaze you, spend an afternoon that you won’t regret and that you’ll never forget - you need to look into the unparalleled experiences offered by Navitat Canopy Adventures.

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