If you start planning your summer holiday or organizing a conference and you are searching for some truly remarkable destinations than you must take advantage of the multitude of options made available by Movenpick Hotels and Resorts. This chain of hotels spans across three continents, offering their clients rooms in Europe, Asia and Africa. Movenpick Hotels and Resorts has 65 operational hotels with more than 14.000 rooms so that you can choose exactly the type of scenery you want to spend your holiday or organize a conference in. The services you'll benefit in a Movenpick hotel are truly amazing. Having Swiss roots, this chain of hotels has a very high standard of customer satisfaction and hospitality and pays close attention to every detail so that you can experience a truly memorable experience. What else can you expect from four and five stars resorts with almost six million satisfied customers per year?

With Movenpick Hotels and Resorts you can visit Europe and get to see Germany, The Czech Republic ,Switzerland, The Netherlands, Greece and Turkey and enjoy the millennial culture and gastronomy of Central and Southern Europe or you can travel to Africa and experience for yourself breathtaking sites, including cruises on the Nile and Lake Nasser, while being perfectly safe and comfortable. And of course you may choose Asia and visit exotic locations such as Vietnam or Yemen. Choose a Movenpick resort as your destination for this summer and you'll never forget the hospitality and luxurious conditions you will live in while visiting a great destination.

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