Medicus-Golf-Swing-Dual-Hinge-DriverMastering the basics of golf requires consistent and hard training and practice. But a good golfer becomes an even better one when the foundations of the training are solid. It is important to learn the right techniques and the right swing early enough in one's golf education in order to drive the ball a lot farther and in the right direction at all times. This is why golf professionals are selective with the kind of equipment they use both for training and in the actual game. One such training tool, owned by more than half a million amateur golfers as well as thousands of professionals, is the Medicus Golf Swing Dual Hinge Driver, a golf swing trainer.

The amazing thing about the Medicus Golf Swing Dual Hinge Driver is its revolutionary, patented dual-hinge. This dual hinge gives the golfer instant feedback as to whether his swing is right or wrong. When you swing the club and it is not right, the hinge flips open and the shaft 'breaks' at the hinge. But if your swing is correct, the club remains intact. You could be practicing by yourself and yet this will already tell you if you are doing it the right way, giving you the chance to correct your swing and practice consistently correct swings. The more you practice the proper way, you are training your muscles and your entire body to memorize the proper stance, directional swing, body movement and power applied. The hinge can be tightened or loosened. Amateur golfers can start with a tighter hinge and gradually loosen it as their game improves.

When you order the Medicus Golf Swing Dual Hinge Driver, you also get the Drive Like a Pro DVD as well as several other golf DVDs and free items including an ebook.  Order the Medicus Golf Swing Dual Hinge Driver now and begin improving your golf game.

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