instant fishermanFishing can be a very fun hobby, but the amount of equipment required for a successful fishing trip can almost make it too inconvenient for some people. If you’re tired of trying to find a place to store your fishing rod at your house or trying to find a place for it in your car on your way to the lake – the Instant Fisherman is the fishing rod for you.

The Instant Fisherman is a super lightweight, collapsible fishing rod that is compact enough to fit anywhere for storage or travel. This means that whenever or where ever you want to go fishing, that you can do it without any hassle because the Instant Fisherman fits conveniently in your trunk, on the floor of your car – it’s probably even compact enough to fit right into your glove compartment. When you get home, storing the Instant Fisherman is just as easy – it will easily fit in any closet, under any bed and even in any drawer – space is no issue when it comes to the Instant Fisherman.

instantFishermanSome collapsible fishing rods aren’t as sturdy as a regular rod, but you won’t have that problem with the Instant Fisherman, the Instant Fisherman was built to handle just about anything that you can reel in and to prove that, it’s backed by a ten year manufacturer warranty.

The Instant Fisherman is so sturdy, so convenient and so easy to use that it is the perfect rod for absolutely every fisherman – from beginner to advanced, anyone can be a better fisherman with the Instant Fisherman.

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