ideal umbrella standSetting up an umbrella at the beach or in your yard to get some shade can be a real pain, you either have to try and find a hammer or mallet to help you get in far enough into the soil or it’s back breaking labor to try and do it by hand, but the Ideal Umbrella Stand changes all that.

The Ideal Umbrella Stand is easy for anyone to set up in the sand or on the grass, it doesn’t take any tools or any hard labor and your umbrella will stay straight and secure even on windy days with the Ideal Umbrella Stand. The Ideal Umbrella Stand lets you do in seconds what it used to take you an eternity – there is no bending down, no digging, no pounding and need for foul language.

All you need to do is insert your umbrella into the mouth of the stand and tighten the knob securely, and then you place the point of the Ideal Umbrella Stand where you want it and step down on the large and convenient foot pad. In a matter of seconds your umbrella is safe and secure and you can get to relaxing in the shade.

The Ideal Umbrella Stand is a heavy duty piece of equipment that can help to keep your umbrella secure in just about any condition, but it is so small and portable that you can take it anywhere that you need shade. The Ideal Umbrella Stand is the safest, easiest and most convenient way to put your umbrella up anywhere you need some shade.

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