holabird-comMost sporting goods stores these days are geared toward athletes who play one of the “big four,” if you don’t play baseball, basketball, football or hockey, the gear you need for your sport might be hard to find. At Holabird sports, the focus is more on runners and racquet sport athletes – so if you like to pound the pavement or hit the track, if you are crazy about tennis or like to spend your weekends playing squash or on the racquetball court, Holabird Sports is the place for you.

If you’re an endurance runner, Holabird Sports is a great place to shop – with a full line of the most comfortable and high performance shoes, an awesome selection of hydration belts and packs and all of the pre and post workout nutrition you need to perform at your absolute best, regardless of the situation. Holabird Sports even has the late night and early morning runners in mind with an extension selection of reflective gear for protection.

If tennis is your game, you’ll never have to shop anywhere else but Holabird Sports – all the greatest complete racquets, stringing gear and grip replacement/enhancement that you could ever want or need is readily available. How about awesome training aids to improve your game, all the latest apparel and hottest sunglasses and of course, all of the top brands of tennis balls.

If you enjoy running for fitness or are competitive, or if you ever take the court for racquet sports, Holabird Sports is a place that you can count on to have all of the gear you need available a great prices.

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