fishlure Flying Lure is the world's best selling lure and for its 20th anniversary greets all fishermen with a great offer. With the purchase of this package you will get the patented jig head lure, flying lure lizards, built-in weed guards, crawtails, worms, a tackle box, a handbook and much more! The Flying Lure is efficient with all fish, both saltwater and fresh water: perch, trout, bass, snook, rock cod, gar and many more. Basically, you can have a go with any kind of fish, no matter how big or stubborn.

As you probably experienced in your fishing trips, most lures sink directly to the bottom. The patented jig head lure used in The Flying Lure is propelled forward and moves in a different direction than most lures. Fish usually hide in tall grass, under bridges or ledges or any place they feel could be safe. The Flying Lure actually succeeds in reaching those places and lets you catch the biggest and meanest fish out there. Catching more fish means being able to keep your lure in the strike zone more and The Flying Lure allows you to pull up and drop very fast and there is way less casting and reeling. The Lure acts on its own after it hits the water and will keep searching the fish in all their favorite hiding places; feel free to cast in any place and the Flying Lure will make its way to the fish. The Flying Lure is the perfect advantage you can buy before going fishing and makes a great gift for your fisher friends or family, no matter the level they are at.

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