Carrom Free Throw Duel BasketballIf you are looking for the perfect gift to give your child then take a look at the Carrom Free Throw Duel Basketball. This is just the thing for the basketball enthusiast in your family. Not only will it provide your child with hours of fun, but it will also help them to perfect their basketball skills. The fact that it has two baskets means that they will be able to work on their aim, as well as their speed. This court has a lot of features that your child will like.

The Carrom Free Throw Duel Basketball has its own scoring unit so that your child can easily keep track of just how good they are doing without keeping track themselves. This allows them to worry more about their throwing skills then focusing on keeping track of how many baskets they have made. It also helps when your child is playing with a friend, now there shouldn't be any arguments about who scored what, the Court will show all the facts right there on the scoreboard.

There are features that you as the parents will also appreciate. The Carrom Free Throw Duel Basketball will automatically shut off after one minute of it not being used, this will help you to save money on batteries. It also folds up easily so that you can store it out of the way when it isn't being used. It has been designed from a durable canvas that makes it very difficult to rip or tear. If you have been looking for the perfect thing for the children in your home then you may have just found it with the Carrom Free Throw Duel Basketball. This is one game that everyone in the family can have a lot of fun with.

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