If you own a gun, whether it is for a shooting hobby or as part of your profession, or if you are a gunsmith who deals in repairing and maintaining guns, Brownells is the perfect site for your parts and accessories. Having been in operation for more than 70 years, Brownells carries the most complete array of high-quality gun parts and supplies that a gunsmith, hobbyist or law enforcement person will need to maintain and repair guns.

Brownells has around 32,000 different gun parts, tools, and supplies for any kind of gun sourced from 15 of the world’s leading firearms manufacturers. Their selection even covers bluing and refinishing materials, books/videos/references on guns, sights, scopes and mounts. On Brownells’ website, you can use different search methods to find what you need. First, you can search by keyword or stock number (if you already know it). Second, is to search for a firearm by make and model. Lastly, if you have preference for a particular firearm manufacturer, you can also filter the search to show only the products from that particular manufacturer.


For those who are in law-enforcement professions, it is important to keep your firearms in tiptop shape. Because your work involves life and death, having firearms and ammunition in absolutely great working condition is of utmost importance. So you cannot just go with any ordinary firearms site, you have to go with Brownells. For years now, their motto has been just 3 simple yet powerful words – Selection, Service and Satisfaction.

Brownells’ GunTech section features videos, instructions, news articles and more that would appeal to the hobbyist or professional in you. Some videos show demonstrations of the latest weapons available as well as their features. One such video is the Blackhawk SpecOps Recoil Reducing Adjustable Shotgun Stock. Be wowed by the video showing the sheer power of the EOTech family of products.

Check out Brownells now and find out why professionals and hobbyists go to them for all their firearms needs.