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Beer pong is the fun game that even kids want to play. It is not just for a drinking session, it's a cool activity. It takes skill to play and a little bit of luck. Beer pong games are fun, tournaments are even better and if you want to take beer pong seriously, that's okay too as playing is serious especially if there is a bet such who is going to pay for the beer or there's an entry fee to play. The prize to win might be just a t-shirt to some but for beer pong players, it rocks as the competition is indeed tough.

If you or your friends are ready then it's easy to find tournaments at BPONG. These are surely going to be fun events, and who knows, you or your friends might also get the join the World Series of Beer Pong!

Start practicing by owning your own beer pong table and get the accessories, and the cool clothing. Learn more by being part of the beer pong forums and get to access the live chat with fellow players. If it is beer pong that you want to play, then you have just go to go to BPONG!


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