Bionic MinnowAre you satisfied with your fishing skills? How fast can you catch fish? Worry no more. The Bionic Minnow is here to save the day.

Catching fish is such a cinch with the Bionic Minnow. The Bionic Minnow kit has just the right tools to make fishing fun and easy for you and your buddies. Bionic Minnow is a special fishing set of tools used by many fishermen and fishing enthusiasts to catch a number of fish in lakes and rivers. Bionic Minnow happens to be the revolutionary fishing bait that is so realistic as it preys on unsuspecting fish. The Bionic Minnow set includes 8 Bionic 5” Minnow Bodies (comes in 4 colors), 8 Bionic 3” Minnow bodies (comes in 4 colors), 8 Bionic Frog Bodies (comes in 4 colors), 8 Bionic Spiral Tail Bodies (comes in 4 colors), 2 Diving Bionic Spiral Grip Heads (comes in 2 colors), 2 Top Water Bionic Spiral Grip Heads (comes in 2 colors), 5 Bionic Heavy Cover #6 Weedless Treble Hooks, 5 Bionic Open-water Treble Hooks, 1 3/8 ounce Heavy Cover Weedless Jig, 15 Small Bionic Weights, 15 Large Bionic Weights, 10 Split Rings, and 1 Split Ring Pliers. Getting all these wonderful tools in the set will certainly make you an expert fisherman. Each of the Bionic Minnow bait is made from both hard and soft plastic to create either a head or tail bait that looks and moves in a life-like manner, and in the process, lures bigger fish to follow it and bite the hook

Once you make the Bionic Minnow a part of your fishing experience, your fishing skills will improve. The Bionic Minnow will not only help you catch fish faster, but it will also be so much fun to do with family and friends, especially when you create fishing contests.

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