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That beloved old bat may no longer be used for some games that require BBCOR (Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution) Bats. This rule might sound ridiculous to many people but there is sound reason behind this.

That old bat can make the ball fly out of the field. It can pack a lot of power. Many pitchers, players, and spectators have been injured because the fast ball speed that these kinds of bat can deliver.

Yes, a BBCOR Bat has less pop but does lower the risk of injury. The methods of compensating for this bat change to the legal BBCOR Bat is to practice with wood bats, swing harder, and concentrate on upgrading defense strategy. Lowering the risk on injury is the first priority and these kinds of slight sacrifice helps makes baseball a safer sport.

BBCOR Bats will set you back a few hundred dollars but it is necessary as if the bat being used in certain games is not certified, it is illegal. If you are looking for these kinds of bats, you may breathe as sigh of relief as BaseballRampage has the ones you need at low prices.

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