WhiteWash Wizard review

WhiteWash Wizard is the easy screen repair solution as it can reduce and eliminate the burn in effect left by static image for prolonged periods. This what you might notice especially while viewing darkly light images. If your screen is not clear, you see faint remains of images or text that don't disappear, shadows, or lack of contrast, you might want to learn more on what to do by reading this WhiteWash Wizard review.

The burn in effect can happen to CRT and Plasma screens. Before, the only solution was to use a screen saver or to run it on 100 percent brightness for a period of time. Yet, this solution did not repair the problem, it just covered it up. Lately, other solutions have been presented to fix this burn in effect, such as changing the color scheme once in a while or having color displays professionally repaired which may cost the owner of the unit up to $10,000. Those who are into editing need to have their screens repaired professionally as it is vital to their work.

There is no CRT nor Plasma screen right now that will not develop this problem. Even the latest Plasma models can develop the burn in effect to a lesser extent. Take note that the burn in can also appear from non-static images. For example, there was a logo on display at the side of the screen. When you change what you are viewing or even close the unit, these burn in image or text will remain. It's visible and ruins the entire display. Only now with WhiteWash Wizard is it possible for you to repair your screen with a do-it-yourself solution.

WhiteWash Wizard will slowly force the pixels to go through a bright and dark cycle. This will make the pixels restore their contrast range. WhiteWash Wizard shall prolong your viewing pleasure and eliminate this common problem that plagues your CRT or Plasma screen. If you have a CRT or Plasma screen, downloading and using WhiteWash Wizard will fix the problem for you in a few easy steps. You may opt to use the full WhiteWash Wizard trial version right now.

WhiteWash Wizard reviews