White Smoke Writing SoftwareIf you love to write, whether it be for personal reasons or professionally, you know how important it is to get your message across by using the right words and spelling all words correctly. Most word processing software have built-in spellcheckers and grammar checks but they are not exhaustive since they may not contain all the help you need and are usually confined to the word processing program you are using. If you are looking for one that will truly help you even when composing emails or writing web-based articles, look no further than White Smoke Writing Software.

White Smoke Writing Software is a writing tool that is able to analyze deeply your spelling, punctuations, grammar and overall thought composition and make suggestions to you to help you improve on what you are writing. It is totally compatible with several Microsoft operating systems like Microsoft Windows ME, Windows2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Not only does it work inside Microsoft Word but it will help you with any text-based application, other word processors, email programs, web-based forms, blog writing, and more. After it has been installed on your PC, all you really need to do while writing is to highlight the text that you want checked, then press the White Smoke Writing Software shortcut key (the default is F2 but you can always change that). Inside Microsoft Word, an “Enrichment” button will be created on the toolbar and this is the equivalent of the shortcut key. A new window is opened by White Smoke Writing Software. There it shows the text you highlighted. Spelling mistakes are in red; grammar mistakes in green. By mousing over these items, a dropdown menu with several suggestions appears and you can choose to accept any of them or reject them totally.

The enrichment function acts as a thesaurus, suggesting alternative words or phrases that could better express your message. White Smoke Writing Software also comes with a range of templates for letters and documents.

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