WebWatchers is computer monitoring and spy software that records Facebook, other sites, and computer activities. Powerful, what is done on a PC or laptop can be viewed. Emails, chats, videos, and more - what a person does on a computer can be recorded for you to view. WebWatchers spy software can be used on multiple computers, even thousands of them, no matter where it is in the world. Interested in knowing what your kids or someone else does while they are online? Read the WebWatchers review to learn more about what this software can do.

Note that there is nothing else like WebWatchers available in the market. It is the most comprehensive. Cyber bullying is one of the problems that WebWatchers solves. It's an excellent way for parents to monitor their kid's activity. The data of the computer that is being monitored is logged down for you to view from any computer. This computer monitoring software covers all areas of concern when it comes to online activities such as:

*Record all Facebook/MySpace activity
*Read every email sent or received
*Read every Instant Message or Chat participated in - both sides of the conversation
*Know every webpage visited and time spent there
*Excellent website blocker for inappropriate websites
*Capture every single keystroke typed by keylogging
*Limit access to what software programs can be used
*Block programs and set schedules for use to control activities such as gaming
*Take screenshots of the target computer screen to see graphics and video
*Monitor Word and Excel activities
*Notifications sent for "alert words" used online

WebWatchers, a high-tech computer monitoring software, is used by law enforcement agencies and corporate accounts. It is the only software that has these capabilities. No matter how many computers, no matter how far away the laptop is, the activities will be recorded for you to view. To cover all the bases, you can even get WebWatchers for SmartPhones.

The award-winning software WebWatchers can be yours to download and install in a few minutes. WebWatchers is 100% invisible, the user will not know that it is installed in the computer. If you want to know what is being done online, WebWatchers is the only one that is capable to monitor even Facebook. It has the best Internet site blocker for parental control and even gaming can be scheduled. Download the best spy software by visiting the site featured in this review - WebWatchers.