VideoWizard for iPhone - DVD and Video ConverterDo you want an easy to understand, easy to use, lightning fast video converter for your iPhone? Then you need VideoWizard for iPhone – DVD and Video Converter. VideoWizard for iPhone takes your favorite DVDs and converts and optimizes them specifically for play on your iPhone, which gives you an ultra high quality version but doesn’t take up a boat load of unnecessary space.

VideoWizard can also convert all of your digital home videos for your iPhone just like it does with your favorite DVDs. You’ll get the very same high quality stream that you do when watching your digital homes video feed from your PC, but they’ll only take up a minimal amount of space on your iPhone because they’ve been optimized for exactly that purpose.

VideoWizard for iPhone – DVD and video convertor is super easy to use and it can convert video files in virtually any format very quickly so you won’t waste any time waiting around while you could be watching. This software couldn’t possibly be simpler, all you have to do is identify the video you want to convert and VideoWizard converts it for you in no time.

You won’t have to worry about paying for updates or upgrades to VideoWizard for iPhone because you automatically get a full year worth of updates and upgrades for free – this means that if they somehow find a way to improve upon this incredibly fast and incredibly easy software, you’ll have free and full access to the improvements. If you like to watch videos on your iPhone, do yourself a favor and download VideoWizard for iPhone – DVD and video converter.

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