TidySongsMedia players such as the iPod are neat to have because you can easily carry your entire music collection with you. The thing with music though is you often get them from various sources. There are some which you buy as CDs. Others are purchased online. Still others are downloadable mp3s or sent in by friends. And this is where the problem lies. Very often you find that your music collection is disorganized due to various reasons. Some song titles could just be labeled "Track 4.mp3" or contain incomplete information on artist, album or genre. In fact, when you buy several albums of the same artist, chances are that there is at least one song that repeats itself in some albums and these are stored separately in your iTunes library. Now why would you want to have 2 copies of the same song, occupying unnecessary space on your hard disk, just because they come from 2 albums? One great organizer of your iTunes and other media player playlists is TidySongs.

TidySongs is an Adobe AIR application. While iTunes and other media players rely on correct information to sort and categorize your music collection, TidySongs has an intelligent database technology that does so much more. One, it's able to remove duplicate songs by searching your list. It is able to find duplicate songs which could be spelled slightly differently. Two, TidySongs fixes misspelled and missing artist, album, name, track, year and genre details and automatically renames them correctly. Three, TidySongs automatically downloads high-resolution album artwork so that when your iPod is in Album mode, you easily see the covers of albums instead of some generic album icon. Four, TidySongs fixes all these information for you automatically using its database of over 4 million songs. No more manual editing per song!

Easily clean up your music collection. What would take several dedicated hours manually editing your music library will be taken over without effort by TidySongs.

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