The Shield DeluxeHave you ever wished your computer was fully protected with just one software product? It can really be a pain sometimes (and a dent on the pocket too) to have separate applications: an antivirus program, an anti-malware program, and still another one to protect you against identity theft. All you need now is The Shield Deluxe. Powered by the award-winning Kaspersky Labs technology, The Shield Deluxe is an all-in-one antivirus, anti-malware and privacy application.

By combining reactive antivirus and spyware detection methods (your signature databases are updated hourly) and the latest technologies such as behavior blocking and heuristic analysis, your computer gets the most effective protection against viruses, malware and phishing. Installation is so easy and can be done in minutes without restarting the computer. The help function is context-sensitive so at any point of the installation it is so easy to call it up. Both beginners and advanced users will find the interface very easy to follow, with lots of options for advanced users. In the latest version of The Shield Deluxe, incoming and outgoing emails are scanned to prevent your inbox from being infected by viruses. Web content is also scanned in real-time mode. Its anti-phishing feature prevents malware on infected sites from being installed on your hard drive and also protects your passwords from being stolen.  Even personal information being inadvertently leaked out in emails, the web, or instant messaging is prevented. It now comes with instant messaging encryption. The Shield Deluxe runs in the background, silently monitoring your programs' activities and memory processes, and watching for suspicious attempts to make unauthorized changes. For laptop users, another great feature of The Shield Deluxe is its power conservation. In laptop mode, it effective conserves your battery power. Technical support also comes free.

Feel totally at peace working and surfing the web, knowing that you are fully protected. There are no more excuses for not getting a copy of The Shield Deluxe for yourself. The Shield Deluxe runs on Windows-based computers, including Vista.

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