Protect your computer from  spyware, adware, unwanted pop-ups, phishing attacks, hackers, rootkits, Trojans, bots, drive-by downloads, rogue programs, messenger service ads, keyloggers, malicious BHOs, dialers and more  with the award-winning technology of STOPzilla. STOPzilla is an adware and spyware scanner that gives you real-time protection, intercepts unusual and highly suspicious activity while you are online, and alerts you when it detects these.

With the proliferation of malware of all types these days, one can never be that sure if his online activity is truly safe or if it has been compromised by the presence of spyware, adware and malware. Many solutions, including those offered for free, do not offer real-time protection; it is only after ‘on-demand’ scanning that you find out your computer system has been compromised. A real protection is real-time protection. And that is what STOPzilla gives.

Here’s what makes STOPzilla a great anti-spyware utility:

Real-time protection – STOPzilla‘s real-time protection engine continues running in the background from the time you boot up your computer. Because it’s real-time it immediately springs into action to stop any activity that looks suspicious. It detects patterns in file activity related to viruses, spyware and other malware activity. When that happens, it blocks the attempted activity and immediately quarantines the malware. Because of its expansive database, STOPzilla is able to detect 99.9% of malicious files that can potentially wreak havoc on your system. Because of its heuristic analyzing engine, it can even detect malware that have not yet been identified, including ‘0-day’ viruses.

Deep scanning – STOPzilla can do very deep scanning, going through every single file and process to check for infections. It can even detect those found in files already in use as well as stubborn infections that are usually difficult to clean.

Pop up killer – STOPzilla is able to detect advertising and spyware pop-ups and block these while allowing legitimate pop-ups through. It also intercepts and stops pop-ups from hidden spyware processes.

Regular database updates – You get regular virus/spyware/malware definition database updates, even as often as twice daily. This is crucial because the databases are key to detecting the different malicious forms of malware that could try to attack your system.

User-friendly – All menus and screens are easily to read and use. Each one is very straightforward. Changing settings are so easy to do and all options are visible and accessible.

Customer support – The support team can be contacted via chat, email, online help and toll-free calls.

Getting STOPzilla is your best value-for-money protection for your computer system. It’s all you need to stay clear of everything nasty that threatens your computer.

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