If you’re running applications and maintaining websites in the Windows environment, you’re sure to be dealing with databases (.mdf format) in the Microsoft SQL Server, a full-fledged relational database management system that allows you to use several administrative tools for convenient database development, maintenance and administration. But once these databases are corrupted by viruses and other factors, you lose access to the contents of your SQL databases like tables, views, keys, stored procedures, user-defined functions, indexes, rules, triggers, etc. Recover completely, easily and safely with Stellar SQL Database Recovery. Whether you need to recover from lost or heavily damaged .mdf files, Stellar SQL Database Recovery is your best bet.

Despite exercising caution and regularly backing up, there is always that risk of corrupted or damaged SQL databases due to viruses, unexpected system shutdown, a media read error, or some other incident. When that happens, a mere restart of the server will not work.

Stellar SQL Database Recovery safely recovers the data from the MS SQL databases and saves it in a safe and non-destructive manner in another area (not directly on the database). Then it automatically creates script files where the recovered files are saved. Stellar SQL Database Recovery can even recover database files that you purposely deleted but wish to recover again.

Three simple steps are all you need to repair damaged SQL files:

1. Select corrupt SQL database file (.mdf)

2. Repair the corrupted file by clicking the Repair button – a preview of all recoverable objects is displayed

3. Save recovered data at a user-specified location

Here are some of the elements that can be recovered with Stellar SQL Database Recovery:

  • Data from MS SQL Server database
  • Backup files in MS SQL Server
  • Tables, views, triggers, and saved procedures
  • Indexes and constraints
  • Predefined defaults, rules, default values, data user types, and checks
  • Large SQL Server database

This version of Stellar SQL Database Recovery supports SQL 2000 and SQL 2005.

Never panic when you suddenly find your SQL databases corrupted and unaccessible. With Stellar SQL Database Recovery, you save time, money and effort because it can do safe recovery in no time at all.