Even if you think your Macintosh operating system is robust and never goes down on you, it can. The Mac volume may not mount or you can get that “-127 error disk could not be used/found”. Have you ever inadvertently delete important files or discovered they have gone missing? Those major incidents can truly ruin your productivity and can significantly affect work. Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software that can recover safely your important files and documents that may have gone missing on your Mac.

Losing precious data and files is something no one wishes would happen but sometimes they do. Imagine how you’d feel if that once-in-a-lifetime vacation’s photos are lost. Or office documents you have worked on for weeks suddenly become corrupted or go missing. With Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery, you can recover all these from any media – internal or external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and even your iPod.

Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery is a universal binary that works with Mac OS 10.3.9 and above. It is capable of recovering various file formats including Mac library files like iCal (ICS) and iPhoto, multimedia files including AVI, WAV, MOV, MIDI, AIFF, ASF, WMV, MP4, M4A, OFF, WMA, RPS, M4P, AU, and MP3, and archives all documents and file formats including RAR, zip, QBB, SCPT and many more.

When you run Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery, it thoroughly scans your drive or device and extracts as many files as it can recover, including those that had already been deleted. There are five recovery options: Drive Recovery, iPod Recovery, Photo Recovery, Resume Recovery and Create Image. Each of these options come with sub-options. If you chose Drive Recovery, for example, you’d have the following sub-options: Quick Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery and Search/Lost Deleted Volumes.

While Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery does not guarantee that it will always recover 100% of your lost files, it is a pretty powerful software that can recover most of it. With Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery you can be confident of using your Mac knowing that you are protected by a powerful data recovery tool.

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