SpyBubble Mobile is an undetectable and invisible spy software on a mobile phone that is very useful in situations where one needs to monitor certain activities or protect innocent people. This software is very applicable to an employer who needs to know if his employees are using office-issued phones for non-business matters, a parent who needs to monitor the cellphone use of minor children, a spouse who suspects infidelity, or any other situation that needs to be monitored.

SpyBubble Mobile’s developers thought of this application because many times people feel helpless when they spot unusual activity and do not have a tool to get to the bottom of things. Employers, for example, need to know if their employees who have office mobiles do use them for business matters and not for making personal phone calls when they are on official business or trips. In an age when internet stalkers pose a real threat to young children, as a parent you’d want an ability to give them the freedom of having a mobile phone and yet still have built-in safety features like being able to read sms messages or tracking their whereabouts down through applications like Google Maps. There are also instances when an application like SpyBubble Mobile is needed by one of the partners in a relationship to monitor suspicious activities of the other partner.

SpyBubble Mobile installs easily on smartphones and takes as little as a minute. It installs on iOS devices, Blackberries and Androids. It cannot be detected since the phone functions as it should. Deleted SMS messages can still be retrieved and read by you with this software. With the smartphone’s built-in GPS feature, combined with SpyBubble Mobile, it is so easy to track the whereabouts of the phone’s user.

Here are its main features:

  • SMS Tracking – it logs every SMS sent and received (regardless of whether the SMS has already been deleted).
  • Call Tracking – Logs all incoming and outgoing calls, recording the phone numbers, time that the calls were placed, and call durations.
  • Phonebook Access – See every phone number installed on the phone’s memory.
  • GPS Location Tracking – The exact coordinates of the phone can be sent to you by using the phone’s built-in GPS feature.

The information is collected by the software from the phone where it is installed and sent to a secure server where you can access it. Even if the phone’s user finds out about SpyBubble Mobile, it can never be traced back to you.

Feel secure in knowing that when you need to track, monitor and detect certain activity, SpyBubble Mobile gets that information to you in a very discreet and secure manner.