SpoofCardAre there times when you just want to hide or spoof your identity from someone you want to call so that your private number does not show up? Or are you a teaser by nature and sometimes wished you could come up with a unique prank that you can easily pull off? SpoofCard uses innovative developments in cell phone technologies and communication products to mask caller ID information and to displays a custom, fake caller ID. You can key in any number you wish him to see and when the call goes through, the number you keyed in is what he will see. With the Spoofcard, Its is easier than ever to mask your caller ID.

It is very simple. With Spoof Card caller ID changer, simply dial the toll free number or local access number in your country and then enter your PIN. You'll see a prompt so you could enter the destination number followed by the phone number you wish to appear on the caller ID display. With Spoof Card, you can also record the phone call in order to capture and retain important information that you think you would want to refer back to in the future. Another feature of using SpoofCard is the ability to disguise your very own voice. Because of digital alteration, When spoofing a caller ID, You can also make yourself sound like a man or woman, alter the tone level, and even change your accent. You can play an innocent prank on friends and family and they will be unable to distinguish your voice at all.

SpoofCard is now available also as a mobile application. Whether you have an iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Palm Pre, or Windows Mobile (SpoofCard is still in beta on Windows) phone, there is a SpoofCard app waiting to be downloaded.

Get your SpoofCard from www.spoofcard.com