Spice-CubedIf there is one thing that I enjoy, it's a nice and organized kitchen. I put a lot of thought into where everything goes in my kitchen so that I have a lot of room and everything has its place. The one problem that I have had is knowing what to do with my spices. It's funny, but these little jars sure would cost me a lot of trouble when it would come to finding that perfect spot for them where I could get to them easily, but they were out of the way. I tried a lot of different spice racks and I tried placing my spices in many different places but they always seemed to still be in the way or not look right.

One day I found out about Spice Cubed and I knew that my question about what to do with my spices had been answered. Spice Cubed allows you to put your spices into spice tins that have a magnetic strip on the back of them which allows you to have a lot more options on what to do with your spices. I chose to decorate my refrigerator with my Spice Cubed. This adds to the look of my kitchen and also keeps the spices out of the way, but still accessible when I am cooking.

Since I found my Spice Cubed I have had the easiest time decorating around them. I no longer have to try to fit a bulky spice rack into my small kitchen, or have my cupboards taken up with dozens of spice jars. Plus, it looks really neat to look on the refrigerator and see them lined up and decorating it, it looks creative and unique. If you use the below when you decide to purchase your Spice Cubed then you will receive 4 tins for only $15.

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