When your PC begins to crawl from startup to shut down, your computer is probably carrying a lot of “excess baggage” in terms of fragmented files, unnecessary programs running in the background, DLL errors, leftover files from previously uninstalled programs and many more. With SpeedyPC, you get a powerful utility that goes through every nook and cranny of your hard drive, identifies files that slow your computer unnecessarily, and fixes everything wrong with it so your computer runs as fast and smoothly as it did when you first bought it.

When you buy a brand new computer, you immediately feel how light and fast it is. Boot-up time is fast and programs seem to run smoothly and seamlessly. But over time, that changes. There are many causes for a PC to slow down. Some programs that you install are set to run in the background, ready at any time that it is needed. Too many unnecessary programs running in the background can slow down performance over time.

Some uninstalls do not completely wipe out traces of programs but leave some dead files lying around. Sometimes imperfect uninstalls also result to DLL errors. The desktop could have many unused program icons cluttering up the workspace while also using up computer resources.

SpeedyPC scans your entire hard disk, noting errors, dead and long unused files, programs running in the background, problems with the Windows database, errors in file associations, fonts and more. After the scan, it presents you with its results. You have the option to select or deselect the items needing fixing.

SpeedyPC’s Startup Tuner helps you decide which programs should run on startup. By selecting only those programs that need to run for you to do your work, you can eliminate other programs from starting up and using up resources even if you will never run the applications. Declutter your desktop space of unused icons. Leftover files after virus removal can also be deleted by SpeedyPC.

Another great feature of SpeedyPC? It is able to back up your Windows database. Do a restore any time anything goes wrong. Backups are also created every time a scan is done.

After using SpeedyPC, see how your computer’s speed significantly improves. Increase productivity and efficiency when your computer also works fast.

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