Remo Recover (Windows) - Media Recovery SoftwareNo matter how hard we take care of our hard drives, flash drives and memory cards, there is always that risk that one unexpected day, something goes wrong and everything on that medium becomes inaccessible.  Or sometimes, we accidentally delete a file, format a drive, or pull out a memory card from a digital camera, resulting to a corrupted device. Being unable to access work files as well as precious, irreplaceable digital photos and videos is anyone's nightmare. But now you can have peace of mind that your priceless files can be recovered with Remo Recover (Windows), a software with a highly advanced scanning algorithm which is capable of recovering files that can no longer be recovered using the undelete function as well as all major video, audio and digital photo formats. It recovers data from hard drives (IDE/SATA/SCSI), USB drives, external hard drives, and removable storage cards (SD, XD, MMC) of digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, etc. It can even recover RAW photo file formats supported by DSLR cameras.

Remo Recover (Windows) has an intuitive wizard-based interface to make recovery easy even for a non-techie person. The recovery engine is extremely fast, enabling you to recover all your lost files very quickly regardless of how large your hard disk capacity is.  A preview feature allows you to view the results of file recovery. The great thing is -- it preserves the file names after recovery. You need not guess what the file contents are, or open these one by one to see which file was recovered (only RAW file recovery option won't have actual file names). Once the files are recovered, you are given the option to choose in which partition, external storage device, or shared network drive to store the recovered files. Remo Recover (Windows) works with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2008.

Don't wait for the time your storage device for files, photos and videos acts up. Be prepared by getting your very own Remo Recover (Windows) - Media Recovery Software now.

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